Deployed a streaming analytics solution for Fortune 50 company.

Our Fortune 50 customer had a latency issue with their sales analytics environment and required a streaming analytics platform. We were engaged by the customer to develop a technology architecture that supported the integration of streaming data and deploy the on-demand analytical capability to support sales management.

Our team created different technical architectural blueprints and performed platform integration to enable streaming data capture, executing real-time analytics, and orchestrating sales processes. The blueprints included a hybrid cloud approach with on-premise IBM technologies like IBM DB2, IBM PureApp, IBM SPSS, and IBM Cognos and cloud services like IBM MessageHub, Kafka, IBM Streams, IBM Watson, InfluxDB, Grafana, Promethus, AWS Kinesis, AWS Elastic Search, AWS Kibana, and IBM Bluemix. Executed a pilot project to perform an analysis of alternatives of the different technical architectural blueprint options:

  • Developed data interpreters for Kafka using AVRO formats to parse out information to store in cloud databases like InfluxDB and IBM DB2 on the cloud
  • Created IBM Streams orchestrations to invoke SPSS Analytics models to augment analytical data from a data warehouse with streaming data to refine predictions
  • Developed visualizations in Grafana, Kibana and Cognos to deliver output from the anlaytics capability.

The outcome from our engagement was a reference architecture for a Streaming Analytics platform to develop and implement streaming analytics capabilities by integrating streaming data with data analytics to improve sales process effectiveness.