PiTech’s cloud solutions ensures your organization leverages these innovative opportunities based on a comprehensive strategy that factors in your business needs, technical architecture and your unique application portfolio. Our Cloud experts are certified in the leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud and can help you navigate the numerous cloud service offerings to curate the set of cloud capabilities that will transform your business. 

Cloud Computing Services

We offer comprehensive services necessary to plan, implement, and migrate your existing technology and software to cloud platforms. From a custom strategy and plan that determines what your existing needs and business goals are to build a data center to even managing your operations, we’re with you as your reliable partner in technology.

cloud strategy architecture
Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Create a custom cloud strategy based on your existing IT architecture, security needs and business goals while designing a road map for efficient and effective cloud migration.

engineering solution consulting
Cloud Engineering and Migration

Create a comprehensive plan to design and implement a framework while establishing an effective plan to migrate complex, multi-tier applications across multiple platforms using efficient deployment models for optimal ease of use.

predictive analytics-
Cloud Operations and Optimization

Deliver a comprehensive operating model including creating a virtual data center, performing an automated work load scaling and migration, and establish and implement disaster recovery.

Interested in our Cloud Solutions?

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