Predictive Analytics

Predicting business outcomes throughs statistical modeling improves the ability for companies develop a competitive advantage. Predictive analytics capabilities developed from a robust data platform enables you to predict business outcomes and plan a response to mitigate negative outcomes and amplify positive outcomes. PiTech’s analytics practice can assist you with the analytics solution development that can inject intelligence into your strategic planning and operational processes. We partner with the leaders in the Analytics market space to reduce time to value and provide high quality services.


Identify and Formulate problem
Define analytics solution requirements
Identify and Prepare Data
Develop model for prediction
Train and Refine predictive model
Deploy predictive analytics solution
Sustain and maintain solution

Technology Platforms 

  • SASR
  • IBM
  • SPSS

Interested in our Predictive Analytics Services?

Our predictive analysis solutions are ideal for businesses that want to predict business outcomes and plan to respond to the outcomes to enhance positive business outcomes, diminish or eliminate negative business outcomes. To learn more about our services and how we can help you develop purpose driven predictive analytics solutions focused on improved business performance, reach out to us today at 919-439-3163 or fill out our contact form to get started.