The biggest challenge to any successful Analytical solution development is data itself. Challenges such as availability, structure, scarcity, information accumulation phase and the constant changing nature of the data. The first and foremost challenge in any Analytical Solution development is to understand the Business view points and requirements, analyze and validating the need, decide the right analytical model approach, mine the data and determine viability based on data availability, create/implement a model and closely track data changes to sustain the model in its original perspective.

PiTech’ s Analytical Solution experts can help you:

  • Identify, prepare, and optimize/cleanse the data
  • Translate the business problem into an analytical model
  • Determine appropriate data set and analysis variables
  • Apply established Analytical Models
  • Sustain the model in its original perspective

PiTech has extensive experience examining and assessing and interpreting raw data, to reveal relationships and patterns leading to new discoveries of product lines, customer segmentation, market share, trends and present/future risks to help predict your future business direction and decision. PiTech’ s team is very proficient in applying most sought supervised and unsupervised Analytical techniques like cluster analysis, association rules, Market Basket Analysis, Regression (Linear), Decision Trees, Nural Network, Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) Analysis.

With years of experience accumulating information from disparate sources combined with deep business knowledge, PiTech has established partnerships with Analytics technology Market leaders SAS and IBM to help its customers predict future by fact driven approach. PiTech  offers various Explorative Data Analysis, Data Mining, Text mining , Analytical Model Development (Supervised (Predictive) & Unsupervised), Statistical Techniques and Forecasting Solutions using Partners Tool Suites IBM SPSS, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast Server & SAS STAT.