Database Management Services

The health of the database is the key to a high performance application. The critical nature of the business application makes it important to ensure that the database is maintained at an optimal level. The database management activity is also a key component in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans for any Government Agency.

PiTech has strong expertise and experience in all standard database platforms like Oracle, IBM DB2 UDB, Microsoft SQL Server to name a few. We can address all your database management needs including Backup and Recovery, Database Monitoring, Database Changes, and Database Health Checks. Our technology partnerships with Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAS ensure we are in the leading edge of any advancements in their database technologies. We can deploy those advancements that are appropriate for the mission of the Government.

Our specific Services are:

  • Database Software Installation and Configuration
  • Database Management and Maintenance Services
  • Database Services for Microsoft
  • Database Services for Oracle
  • Database Services for IBM
  • Database Services for SAS