Application Development Services

More often than not, there is no one packaged application that takes care of the unique needs of the Government. The customization of these applications might also not better the outcome as the rigid nature of these applications might not allow for a business process needed to accomplish the Government mission.

PiTech has successfully delivered custom application development services to both Government and Non-Government entities. The key to the success if the understanding of the business processes that need to be implemented in an application as well as the choice of the right technology for the implementation.

PiTech utilizes an application development approach that incorporates prototyping as well as “time-boxed” functionality delivery approach. This gives the ability for the stakeholders to get a feel of the functionality and the flexibility to change course, if needed, and come up with an alternate solution approach.

This approach ensures that the application development:

  • Reduces Risk and Complexity.
  • Reduces time to value.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Incremental business value delivery rather than a big bang approach.

PiTech specific services include

  • Application Development Services for Microsoft
  • Application Development Services for Oracle
  • Application Development Services for IBM
  • Application Development Services for SAP
  • Application Development Services for SAS
  • Data Integration Services
  • Custom BI Solutions Development
  • Visualization Solution Development
  • Dashboard Development
  • Reporting Solution Development