Contract Overview 

ACCENT Contract Information

ACCENT provides all Department of Defense (DoD) organizations with an ordering vehicle to procure commercial cloud hosting capabilities and technical support to transition enterprise systems/applications to a commercial cloud environment. All DoD organizations are authorized to execute task orders under the ACCENT BOAs.

The ACCENT ordering vehicle includes services and solutions necessary for DoD organizations to satisfy requirements to migrate enterprise systems/applications to commercial cloud service providers. Commercial cloud services will be acquired based on approved Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) (i.e., those with a DoD Provisional Authorization). The DISA Cloud Computing website that contains the DISA Cloud Catalog serves as the “authoritative source” for available and valid DoD PAs. ACCENT will also enable capability owners to modernize and transition applications to commercial cloud providers, and facilitate the acquisition of modular or mobile hosting facilities.  

Contract Information 

Contract Number 
Contract Ceiling
$247.7 Million  
Period of Performance 
March 06, 2018 – February 26, 2020 

Contact Information

Senthil Kumar
(919) 439-4139

Contract Features 

Contract Access Fee
0% fee for use  
Contract/Task Order Types
The Procuring Contracting Officer has the flexibility to issue various type of contracts: 
– Fixed Firm Price
– Time and Material
– Labor Hour

Functional Areas

CLOUD HOSTING:  Cloud computing solutions include the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service models, and the Private, Community, Public, and Hybrid deployment models (as applicable). Cloud hosting solutions may require either on-premise or off-premise hosting, and support hosting of systems/applications at Information Impact Levels 2, 4, 5, or 6. 

TRANSITION SUPPORT: Cloud transition support activities may include application analysis, security requirements analysis, documentation, modernization (code refactoring and augmentation), virtualization, technical engineering, migration scheduling, business process reengineering, data preparation, migration planning, interface transition planning, training on CSO environment, service transition planning, cutover planning, back out planning, and go-live support. 

MODERNIZATION:  Application modernization may be required as part of transition support services. Modernization is the refactoring or consolidation of legacy software programming to align it more closely with current business needs. In this case, modernizing systems/applications to migrate to commercial cloud hosting environments. The following are core activities performed in application modernization activities.  

  • Develop application documentation to support modernization or improve maintenance and testing efficiency.  
  • Identify approaches to modernize and upgrade applications to enhance business value.  
  • Consolidate and rationalize data and applications to eliminate redundancy, improve efficiency and make improvements to data quality.  
  • Enhance security to latest standards of best practice and compliance.  
  • Re-architect applications to leverage modern architecture standards and interface capabilities.  
  • Assess, plan and implement server workload consolidations to reduce cost and complexity while migrating to a modernized and scalable platform.