Data Integration and Ingestion Factory

With Communication and Networking technologies at their best phase of innovation revolution combined with sliding cost of storage mechanisms and by emergence of cloud technologies has triggered opportunities for organizations to gather large amount of information in a very short span of time to know more about their customers, competitors, products, markets etc..,. However this sudden burst of unpredictable data mountain has to overcome several challenges including assembling the information physically or virtually, prioritizing the information, segregating key information chunks, identifying data quality issues, figuring out ways to handle data semantics – just to assess the viability of risk free information usage and use it for targeted fact finding missions for critical business decision making.

PiTech Data Integration Life Cycle

Even more challenging aspect is that this most valuable information spread across the organization in disparate environments and platforms that don’t talk to each other. To top it all, constant accumulation of new data and the above mentioned challenges coming along with them making it extremely time and resourcing consuming for the organizations to convert the data to information and put to use.

PiTech understands that the quicker you gain control of these issues and have a rapid mechanism to integrate this disparate information means an information rich robust platform, ready to be integrated to conduct analytics, ability proactively address future challenges, ability foresee opportunities / threats and have more time to conduct facts driven business and realize true value.

PiTech’ s Data Integration Life Cycle comprises of four major phases:

  • dentify and standardize the process to accumulate source data
  • Determine optimal use of available data integration tools or adjudicate tool selection process
  • Determine best methods and techniques to extract on the fly quality data and perform integration
  • Define and govern Data Quality, Data Privacy and Security Standards

PiTech has been the data champion for its clients over the years. We have very in-depth experience dealing with volumes of data from different formats including relational, XML, web based and text data in both Unicode and double byte character sets. PiTech has dealt with data from various sources including marketing systems, transaction systems, web based systems, social media etc.., from industries like transportation, finance.

Enterprise Intelligence System Integration (EISI) / Platform Integration Services

PiTech can assist you When you are ready to update or consolidate Enterprise Intelligence application portfolios or adding or migrating to a new EI application suite and want to retain the legacy environment or looking for ways to integrate your new EI technologies to existing applications with compliance to new strategy.Add Examples

Real-time data integration

If your environment, requires capturing of real time information to make critical decisions such as credit card transactions, stock transactions or customer support services requiring up to the second information, Pitech can assist you with the ‘up to the second’ need to perform critical analytics to assist fact based proactive decision making. PiTech offers varied options of Change Data Capture (CDC) services using custom codes, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAS Technologies.Examples like when using sas access to connect with SAP


PiTech can assist you integrating your application with targeted web based applications to generate real time comparisons for improved decision making or to attract targeted audience. PiTech uses AJAX programming language with Hadoop platform to display in desktop widgets.

Complex event processing (CEP)

If your Business Decisions require more than just the data, but their patterns, behaviors in a time sensitive environment and proactively decide on a favorable outcome, PiTech can assist you with its Complex Even Process (CEP) Services. PiTech can help you integrate your data and help you deduct patterns from multiple sources, analyze cause-effect relationships in real time to support real time decision making.

Extract, transform and load (ETL)

Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

PiTech can help improve your business agility by integrating critical business process and applications and address and mitigate data level incompatibilities using web protocols SOAP or WSDL. PiTech’ s SOA integration techniques will help you by freeing data from business applications and making it easier to share and reuse data and common services across your organization.

Data Federation

If you are looking for alternatives against building a full blown warehouse or looking for data access feasibilities for short term analytical initiatives, PiTech can assist you building a virtualized ‘Enterprise Information Integration’ (EII) environment by accumulating large volumes of data from multiple data marts or departmental data warehouses and access information in operational systems for analytic use alongside the warehoused data into a single virtualized environmen