The ability to make timely decisions with accurate, complete, and trusted information is a very critical capability to support the Government’s mission. It takes a different mindset to not look at information components and the operational systems as Silos. It is not a option anymore rather a necessity to combat the changing spectrum in Governance. More so, the recent focus on the shrinking Government budgets, it is imperative for Government agencies to make their operations efficient and reduce redundant applications that aggrandize information for some esoteric benefit.

PiTech has been a recognized, proven and successful Enterprise Intelligence (EI) solutions vendor including Decision Support Systems, Data Warehouses, Datamarts, and Analytical Solutions that has helped Government Agencies and Non Government Enterprises harness the power of information as a strategic asset. Our solution focus eliminates the silo approach towards creating large information repositories, proliferation of silo applications catering to decision support needs, and disconnected operational systems that don’t leverage information investments. PiTech delivers an Enterprise Intelligence solution that ensures the delivery of mission critical information in a timely, accurate, complete and trusted manner with ability to integrate to other applications in the context.

PiTech’s success is driven by a Process Oriented approach, experienced personnel, strong technology partnerships and customer focused delivery. We are in the leading edge of decision support technologies through our strong partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SAS who are recognized leaders in providing Decision Support Platforms.

PiTech’s specific services are:

  • EI Strategy Services
  • EI Architecture Services
  • EI Delivery Services
  • EI Sustainment and Maintenance Services
  • EI Performance Management Services
  • EI Process Management Services