Application Design Services

With the ever changing technology spectrum and the rapidity of emergency of new technology paradigms, it is imperative for applications to be designed with the ability to upgrade and integrate with other technologies in a easy manner. PiTech understands that the Government systems are focused on delivering very specific vertical capabilities and needs to support a specific mission.

PiTech is a partner with all the major technology vendors like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS who form the backbone of the Government Systems Architecture. We have the unique ability through our experienced personnel , processes and technology awareness to design information systems and applications that would be modular, integrate with a broader eco-system of applications in the Government domain.

PiTech’s specific services are:

  • Application Design Services for Microsoft
  • Application Design Services for Oracle
  • Application Design Services for IBM
  • Application Design Services for SAP
  • Application Design Services for SAS
  • Information Management Architecture Blueprint
  • Business Intelligence Architecture Blueprint
  • Business Analytics Architecture Blueprint
  • Business Process Information Architecture Blueprint
  • Planning and Budgeting Application Development